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Privacy Policy

IT Localization Service Co., Ltd. (ITLS) has established its own system for the management and protection of personal information based on the privacy policy detailed below. ITLS will strive to ensure that all of its officers and employees comply with the provisions of this policy in all of their activities on a continuing basis.

1. ITLS will handle personal information in compliance with relevant laws and regulations, the requirements of the JIS Q 15001 standard for personal information protection management systems, other policies established by the Japanese government, and relevant local government and industry guidelines.

2. ITLS will practice vigilance with respect to the status of management of personal information related to its business activities, and has established in-house rules for the appropriate handling of personal information that take into consideration the provisions of its contracts with clients and their wishes. It will observe these rules in the acquisition, use, provision and other processes related to the handling of personal information.

3. ITLS will seek to ensure that personal information is not used for purposes other than those intended by establishing in-house rules prohibiting use that exceeds the scope of the purpose of use specified for each item of personal information and by clearly defining usage procedures, and will prevent personal information leaks through the rigorous management of access rights.

4. ITLS will consider and analyze the risk of personal information leaks, loss or damage, and formulate preventive or remedial measures consistent with the importance of personal information. ITLS will also give clean and concrete form to these measures by incorporating them into its in-house rules.

5. ITLS respects the rights of people with respect to their personal information, and will establish and make public a help desk to ensure prompt, smooth and safe handling of complaints, questions, and requests to disclose, amend, delete, or suspend the use of personal information.

6. ITLS will continuously maintain, review and improve its personal information management system as occasion demands to ensure the implementation of the above provisions for the best possible protection of personal information.

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