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We decide prices on an individual basis according to job requirements, content, deadline, budget and other requests and conditions.
Please contact us for a free estimate.

If you can supply us with all or even a part of the source data at the time, it would help us to provide a more concrete estimate.

Translation Service

box Translation charges are based as a rule on the volume of the source text.
box Translation charges normally include basic proofreading.
box If translation memory tools are used, the charged volume will vary according to workload.
box If the source text is a PowerPoint file, price may in some cases be set on a per slide basis.
box We may apply special discount rates to large volume or continuous job requests.
box We provide a discount (approx. 10%) for the first job from a new client.
box Minimum charges or rush rates may apply.

Editing and Production Service

box We will estimate the amount of work and respective charges according to the nature of your job request.
Please contact us with details of your needs.

Job requests and estimates

Job requests and estimates