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Translation Service

Business Translations

Translation We can translate all types of everyday business document.


We can handle manuals and other large documents, and can translate websites into multiple languages.

Supported Languages

National flags box English to Japanese, Japanese to English

box Major Asian languages
Chinese (simplified/traditional), Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, etc.

box Major European languages
French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, etc.

Key Fields

box Marketing/general business
PR, marketing, presentations, websites, company profiles, product/service catalogs,
press releases, market surveys, reports, training materials, emails

box Information and communications technology (ICT)
Manuals, specifications, user interfaces, help files, catalogs, and e-learning contents

[Main Areas] databases, development platforms, ERP, CRM, SCM, digital publishing, and other applications for both consumers and industry

box Legal/financial
Transaction documents, financial documents, contracts, privacy policies, compliance policies and procedures, articles of association, work rules

box Machinery
Manuals, technical papers, catalogs, press releases

[Main Areas] electronics, semiconductors, measurement instruments, consumer appliances, etc.

Data Management and Support for the Latest Tools

boxSupport for various data formats according to customer requirements
Microsoft Office (Word / PowerPoint / Excel)
DTP (InDesign / FrameMaker / QuarkXPress)
Image processing (Illustrator / Photoshop)
Movie (Flash)
XML / HTML files, etc.

box Use of the latest translation memory (TM) tools and originally developed tools
Trados and other TM tools, HTML Help, etc.

box Work data management
Management of past data, creation of glossaries and style guides, and update management to ensure consistency and support future development

Features of ITLS's Translation Service

boxTranslation by professionals
Professional translators with field-specific knowledge and at least five years' experience
Use of translators who are native speakers of the target language (e.g. use of a native English-speaking translator for translation from Japanese into English)

box Careful quality control
Optimization of work flow (preparation, translation, review, data processing, delivery) according to job requirements
One-stop job management by assigned coordinator who supervises the project team, checks requirements, and oversees translation, production, delivery and all other processes
Creation of a project team consisting of translators, checkers, editors, operators, system specialists and other personnel as occasion demands

box Meticulous data management
We ensure the rigorous management and protection of client documents and data in compliance with our security policy and
non-disclosure agreements.


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Job requests and estimates

Job requests and estimates